January 2018 // One month in Vancouver

What’s been years in the making has finally happened: I moved to Vancouver. And it’s 110% the best decision I’ve ever made.

2017 was a wild ride, and not always in a good way. Living in Victoria was mentally draining, and I was spending half my time in Vancouver anyways, visiting twice a month on average. This only pushed me to pursue my craft and goals further, and spend all my time daydreaming about finally moving.

The first month in Vancouver has been absolutely incredible (and also incredibly rainy!). So much good food, so many incredible friends, and some spectacular shows to boot. I’ve been fortunate enough to hang out and create photos and videos for some of my favourite artists, and I can’t wait to share more of the behind the scenes from these projects. I got to cap off the month shooting for Lights at the Vogue Theatre, which was two days of pure magic.

I also picked up an incredible tool to further my exploration of video as a medium – the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal stabilizer. It’s been so much fun to set up and play with!

Oh yeah, I also made an Instagram for my cats. You can follow them here.

I figured I’d share a visual journal of what I’ve been up to in Vancouver thus far. If you want to see more, I post on Instagram a lot.

Fake Shark recording at 604 Studios


Said the Whale at Afterlife Studios

Bend Sinister at Warehouse Studios

Born of Osiris at the Vogue Theatre

August Burns Red at the Vogue Theatre


Testing out the Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbal stabilizer with my cat

Lions Gate Bridge in Stanley Park

Lynn Canyon in the fog

Stone Sour at the Abbotsford Centre

Lights at the Vogue Theatre – Night 1

Backstage with Lights at the Vogue Theatre – Night 2

Highlight reel for Lights’ We Were Here Tour at the Vogue Theatre – January 30/31 2018