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Back in February, I had the pleasure of traveling to Palm Springs, California for a week. It was a blissfully sunny week, equal parts spent relaxing and exploring/hiking. The town is incredibly charming and quirky, with '60s modernism influences abound. Nestled in a valley between mountains, the city itself is very flat with hardly a high rise building in sight.Also, yes, the sky is that blue. No filter required.Things to do in Palm Springs:That Pink Door (1100 E Sierra

I recently had the chance to do a lookbook-style shoot with Pathétique Couture, a new alternative lifestyle brand started/co-owned by my friend Leith here in Victoria, BC. We spent an evening taking advantage of some grungey looking locations downtown, as well as a street lined with beautiful cherry blossoms (hello, spring!).You can find Pathétique Couture on Instagram and Facebook, and their website/store. 

Well, I thought I'd start out this end of the year thing a little differently here. I've included a few of my favourite 2016 landscapes, with downloadable iPhone wallpapers available (click on the name of the phone you have underneath the photo and save it, easy as pie!) These photos have been in steady rotation on my lock screen. I've been all over lower Vancouver Island, as well as to New York City, Toronto and Portland. It's been a fun year

Back in April, I got the opportunity to do an impromptu photoshoot with Stinging Belle, just days before the announcement that they would be playing the massive Rock The Shores festival this year. We came away with a few incredible photos from a quick 15-minute shoot in an alley. These guys and gal are doing huge things, so keep your ears and eyes peeled (and maybe grab a ticket for the Friday of Rock The Shores).This was a simple one-light setup; I

Recently I had the chance to work with the lovely Tara Brunet to shoot some portraits for her upcoming e-book! Tara is a personal trainer and nutritionist based in Victoria, and you can check out her website here. I was able to test out my new Sigma 24-35mm F2 Art lens during this shoot, and I am BEYOND impressed with the results - dang that lens is sharp - even wide open at F2!