Lindsey Blane Photography | 2017
Lindsey Blane is a photographer based out of Victoria and Vancouver, BC, specializing in live music and portrait photography.
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Travel // Palm Springs, CA Pt. 1

Back in February, I had the pleasure of traveling to Palm Springs, California for a week. It was a blissfully sunny week, equal parts spent relaxing and exploring/hiking. The town is incredibly charming and quirky, with '60s modernism influences abound. Nestled in a valley between mountains, the city itself is very flat with hardly a high rise building in sight.Also, yes, the sky is that blue. No filter required.Things to do in Palm Springs:That Pink Door (1100 E Sierra Way, Palm Springs, CA 92264) The architectural history and weirdness of Palm Springs equates to fun surprises around every corner. One of my favourite spots to visit was the infamous 'Pink Door' - nearby is also a house with two lion statues decked out with inflatable pool toys! (Both houses pictured below) ...

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Lookbook // Pathétique Couture

I recently had the chance to do a lookbook-style shoot with Pathétique Couture, a new alternative lifestyle brand started/co-owned by my friend Leith here in Victoria, BC. We spent an evening taking advantage of some grungey looking locations downtown, as well as a street lined with beautiful cherry blossoms (hello, spring!).You can find Pathétique Couture on Instagram and Facebook, and their website/store. ...

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