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Lindsey Blane is a photographer based out of Victoria and Vancouver, BC, specializing in live music and portrait photography.
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Lookbook // Pathétique Couture

I recently had the chance to do a lookbook-style shoot with Pathétique Couture, a new alternative lifestyle brand started/co-owned by my friend Leith here in Victoria, BC. We spent an evening taking advantage of some grungey looking locations downtown, as well as a street lined with beautiful cherry blossoms (hello, spring!).You can find Pathétique Couture on Instagram and Facebook, and their website/store. ...

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Portraits // Cherise

Back in November I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Cherise in collaboration with Anna Shkuratoff at Summit Park in Victoria, BC. You can now check out a selection of my favourite snaps. ...

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Portraits // Tara

Recently I had the chance to work with the lovely Tara Brunet to shoot some portraits for her upcoming e-book! Tara is a personal trainer and nutritionist based in Victoria, and you can check out her website here. I was able to test out my new Sigma 24-35mm F2 Art lens during this shoot, and I am BEYOND impressed with the results - dang that lens is sharp - even wide open at F2!...

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Promotional // Cr0atia

Recently I had the chance to work with a fabulous up and coming band from Victoria called CR0ATIA - Matt, Steve and Tash are absolutely wonderful humans and so much fun to photograph. We squeezed into their tiny jamspot to shoot some of my favourite promotional images to date. Sometimes all you need is one light and a simple location to make things work! For the first group of shots, we built a backdrop wall with a bunch of the gear around the jam spot - and it ended up turning out pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and collaborating again in the future.These are all shot on my Canon 5d mark II with a 28mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4 lens, and...

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Portraits // Carolyn

At the beginning of August, I had the pleasure of doing a fun shoot with a good friend of mine, Carolyn. We picked a location out in Saanich to shoot at; there is a gigantic tree in a field right by the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, so we trekked across and set up to shoot.Though most of the images from this shoot are digital, I did bring my medium format Mamiya RB67 along as well, for the first time in a while! I tried out some new film I picked up from Camera Traders - the Lomography LomoChrome Purple film. I metered and shot it at 200 ASA to try and achieve a more saturated effect, as it can be rated between 100-400 ASA. Those images are included at the bottom of the post,...

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Portraits // Anna

In July, I had the pleasure of getting together with and shooting some portraits of Anna Shkuratoff not once, but twice. The first time, we ventured to Mt. Tolmie to snap some video and photos, and played around with a prism to achieve some interesting effects in-camera. The second time we set up my kitchen studio with some crazy lighting (including some flash gels) and some more prisming and had a total blast. Since I'm catching up on photos, I've decided to combine the two days into one blog post.Day 1:Day 2:...

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