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The Weeknd

Festival Season // Bumbershoot 2015

Well, Bumbershoot was a bit of a surprise. After the date rolled by that media were supposed to hear back about their application status for the festival, I had heard nothing, and had expected not to go to the festival. About a week and a half before, much to my surprise, a little email popped up in my inbox notifying me that my media pass was approved! This did not give me much time to sort out travel plans, but I made it work – and boy was it worth it. Even despite a crushingly low exchange rate, I had an absolutely fantastic time and Bumbershoot really was one for the books. There were so many amazing bands, and an incredible location at Seattle Center, including Keyarena, Memorial Arena and three outdoor stages, as well as the Armoury building, which was full of amazing food and artists. Despite a bit of rain and a casual thunder and lightning storm on the first day, the weather held up and it was impossible not to feel the buzz of excitement in the area. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to return again next year!

Soft Sleep_MG_1995 _MG_2072 _MG_2080

Elle King_MG_2143

ON AN ON_MG_2196 _MG_2212 _MG_2216

Grace Love and the True Loves_MG_2227 _MG_2241

Deep Creep_MG_2316 _MG_2421 _MG_2520

Airborne Toxic Event_MG_2617 _MG_2676 _MG_2703 _MG_2714 _MG_2774 _MG_2805 _MG_2816

Smokey Brights_MG_2843

Fitz and the Tantrums_MG_2930 _MG_3047 _MG_3067 _MG_3101 _MG_3278 _MG_3318 _MG_3363 _MG_3393 _MG_3413

The Weeknd_MG_3438 _MG_3483 _MG_3538 _MG_3545 _MG_3577 _MG_3606 _MG_3616 _MG_3638

Lindsey Stirling_MG_3671 _MG_3765 _MG_3923

Eliot Sumner_MG_3934 _MG_3936 _MG_3940 _MG_3952

Mikal Cronin_MG_3976 _MG_3982 _MG_3984 _MG_4011

The Melvins_MG_4060 _MG_4065 _MG_4125

Nikki Lane_MG_4138 _MG_4139 _MG_4148 _MG_4152 _MG_4216

Brand New_MG_4258 _MG_4266 _MG_4288 _MG_4316 _MG_4368 _MG_4434 _MG_4478 _MG_4488 _MG_4514 _MG_4528 _MG_4545 _MG_4568

Cave Singers_MG_4582 _MG_4591 _MG_4623 _MG_4724

Social Distortion_MG_4811 _MG_4860 _MG_4947

Faith No More_MG_5020 _MG_5047 _MG_5069 _MG_5092 _MG_5097 _MG_5118 _MG_5121


The Moth & The Flame_MG_5215 _MG_5219 _MG_5247 _MG_5282

Big Data_MG_5337 _MG_5359 _MG_5364 _MG_5385

BØRNS_MG_5408 _MG_5438 _MG_5454 _MG_5464 _MG_5505 _MG_5510

Robert Delong_MG_5520 _MG_5534 _MG_5580 _MG_5600 _MG_5612

The Floozies_MG_5635 _MG_5646

Hozier_MG_5712 _MG_5738 _MG_5765 _MG_5777 _MG_5792 _MG_5850

Minus the Bear_MG_5866 _MG_5868

Devotchka_MG_5886 _MG_5892 _MG_5919

Ellie Goulding_MG_5985 _MG_5990 _MG_6017 _MG_6046 _MG_6071 _MG_6118 _MG_6157