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Live Music // All Time Low, Set It Off, Nova Rockafeller @ Vogue Theatre

Recently, I had the pleasure of making the trek to see and shoot All Time Low in Vancouver BC at the Vogue Theatre. Not only is this venue my favourite to shoot at, All Time Low have been on my bucket list to shoot FOREVER. To be entirely honest, I haven’t listened to them frequently since their 2009 album Nothing Personal came out, but it’s easy to see why their new album Future Hearts is blowing up. This band has worked hard for years to get to where they are. Funny enough, the day of the show (September 27th) was my five year anniversary of shooting shows! I don’t think there could have been a better way (or show!) to celebrate. Openers Nova Rockafeller and Set It Off were equally as impressive, getting the crowd warmed up and ready to scream their faces off.

Nova Rockafeller_MG_1566 _MG_1577 _MG_1599

Set It Off_MG_1769 _MG_1807 _MG_1827 _MG_1880 _MG_1885 _MG_1896 _MG_1908 _MG_1924 _MG_1935 _MG_1938 _MG_1943 _MG_1958 _MG_1961 _MG_2004 _MG_2066 _MG_2070

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