Lindsey Blane Photography | Blog: Arkells Night 1 @ Commodore Ballroom | Victoria BC Photographer
Photos from Arkells' February 1 show at the Commodore Ballroom, also featuring Modern Space and Dreamers. Photos by Vancouver and Victoria BC based photographer Lindsey Blane.
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Live Music // Arkells @ Commodore Ballroom (Night 1)

Live Music // Arkells @ Commodore Ballroom (Night 1)

At the beginning of February, I had the chance to hop a ferry to Vancouver for a few days and shoot the ever amazing Arkells at the Commodore Ballroom. Modern Space and Dreamers opened up the show, and were the perfect warm-up for the ball of energy that is Arkells.

I was fortunate enough to shoot BOTH nights – here are my favourite images from Night 1.

Modern Space_MG_0034 _MG_0060 _MG_0076 _MG_0091 _MG_0140 _MG_0159 _MG_0175 _MG_0194 _MG_0209 _MG_0225 _MG_0254 _MG_0280

Dreamers_MG_0304 _MG_0312 _MG_0317 _MG_0330 _MG_0350 _MG_0358 _MG_0373 _MG_0458 _MG_0460 _MG_0514

Arkells_MG_0534 _MG_0581 _MG_0614 _MG_0638 _MG_0684 _MG_0695 _MG_0714 _MG_0751 _MG_0757 _MG_0765 _MG_0772 _MG_0774 _MG_0807 _MG_0819 _MG_0825 _MG_0850 _MG_0874 _MG_0921 _MG_0939 _MG_0956 _MG_0975 _MG_0996 _MG_1034 _MG_1057 _MG_1082 _MG_1109 _MG_1129 _MG_1135 _MG_1141 _MG_1170 _MG_1192


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