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Lindsey Blane is a photographer based out of Victoria and Vancouver, BC, specializing in live music and portrait photography.
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Portraits // Carolyn

Portraits // Carolyn

At the beginning of August, I had the pleasure of doing a fun shoot with a good friend of mine, Carolyn. We picked a location out in Saanich to shoot at; there is a gigantic tree in a field right by the Saanich Peninsula Hospital, so we trekked across and set up to shoot.

Though most of the images from this shoot are digital, I did bring my medium format Mamiya RB67 along as well, for the first time in a while! I tried out some new film I picked up from Camera Traders – the Lomography LomoChrome Purple film. I metered and shot it at 200 ASA to try and achieve a more saturated effect, as it can be rated between 100-400 ASA. Those images are included at the bottom of the post, as they are so vastly different I didn’t want to break up the digital images. It’s near impossible to colour balance this film, especially self-scanning. A before and after scan is included, and I did my best guesswork, basing my tones off some reference images online,  to achieve a look I was happy with.


_MG_0346 _MG_0364 _MG_0388 _MG_0396 _MG_0406 diptych _MG_0434 _MG_0446 _MG_0480 _MG_0490 diptych _MG_0508 _MG_0510 _MG_0538 _MG_0550 _MG_0573 _MG_0611 _MG_0614 _MG_0628

Before and after of Lomochrome Purple:

img008 diptych



img001 copy img002 copy img003 copy img004 copy img007 img008 copy img009 copy img010

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